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Travel & Tourism Research & Consulting


Established in 1997, Market Vision is a research and consultancy firm with specialization in the tourism & hospitality sectors. We undertake research and consulting assignments across the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) and Asia markets, and globally in collaboration with an international network of research and consulting partners. Our tourism & hospitality consultants & associate global partners have in-depth experience in various aspects of tourism development, developed over decades of professional work experience in the industry.

We have vast experience in travel and tourism research, and undertake market, trade & consumer studies on behalf of international trade organizations, national tourism boards, tourism development organizations and organizations in the travel trade viz. hotel groups, travel agencies, timeshare developers, resort developers, airlines, etc.
Market Vision’s directors and consulting partners are regular speakers at various international travel & tourism conferences and events.

Sustainable Travel Development – Advisory Services


SUSTAINABLE TOURISM development embraces the triple bottom line of environmental protection, social responsibility, and economic health. Simply put, business practices that protect and enhance the environment and support community development are more profitable and competitive in the long-term.
Market Vision, along with its strategic partners, provides strategic planning, technical assistance, and implementation support to destination management companies and travel and tourism businesses of all sizes. We start with a single focus: to improve your triple bottom line and help you achieve substantial resource savings by leveraging untapped opportunities and implementing a sustainable path to profitability through immediate and long-term return on investment.

By staying focused on high priority areas and improving your organization’s positive impacts, you’ll quickly discover that sustainability equates to profitability. Our team includes accredited auditors and consultants who will help you prepare for and achieve GSTC-recognized independently-verified eco-certification.

Contact us to find out how we can help you gain competitive advantage and increase profits through the more productive use of resources.


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