Bardia Eco Lodge – Nepal


bardia2Bardia Eco Lodge is a small, friendly wildlife lodge in Bardia National Park in western Nepal. The lodge was designed and built by some Nepali and British friends who met in Bardia while working in travel. The Nepali partner, Narayan Aryal was managing a lodge in the park at the time, while Ralph Foulds, Martin Hosie and Ray Harte were driving an overland expedition carrying tourists from the UK to Nepal for a British tour operator they jointly owned. Bardia opened to tourists in late 2011.

bardia1Inspiration and purpose

The owners wanted to build a lodge that showcased some examples of how different eco-friendly technologies and techniques can be used in Bardia, and to provide support to the local community and environment that had always looked after them so well during their visits. The owners feel that Bardia has a great amount to offer and provides an unforgettable experience for tourists wanting to see wildlife in Nepal.


Although partly foreign owned, no money is taken out of Nepal. Profits are re-invested in the lodge, its staff, and in supporting conservation in the park and local community projects.

bardia 9Eco features of Bardia

The lodge aims to demonstrate as many eco-friendly practices as possible. These include the first and so far only composting toilets in Bardia, which are combined with gravel drain fields. They are encouraging other lodges to try out this system which after a lot of research and explanation of the concept to the local builders and lodge team, has proved very successful.
Electricity is generated through solar panels, with a backup from local hydroelectric mains power. Hot water is also provided via solar heating.