Feedback – 9th issue


feedback-9Thank you so very much for covering us in SOST. The article is beautiful and we are thankful and honored to be included among so many wonderful initiatives. I will share this widely and promote it to all my circles.
Michael ‘Mikaku’ Doliveck, Owner
Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat
Bali, Indonesia

Wonderful issue. Will use publicly (my article), with ref to SOST of course. And thanks so much for sharing my views with your audience.
Professor Geoffrey Lipman, Director and Gatetrip

Very happy to read about SOST. We promote ecotourism in India and will be pleased to assist you with promoting it.
Sunil VP
Vrindavan Holiday, India

Thank you for your publication. I have subscribed to SOST.
Mahboob Kawsar, Managing Director
K N’s Limited

We are pioneering eco-tourism in China by advocating responsible travel practices. Would be happy to share with you some of the stories.
Ling J, General Manager
CnAdventure-China Adventure Tours

Thanks for the great presentation of my work! I am very happy with it . All the best to SOST.
Klaus Pichler
Vienna, Austria

I find SOST one of the best around in the area of sustainability and thus would like to subscribe to it.
Anthony Wong
Managing Director, Frangipani Resort and Spa Langkawi Island
Adjunct Professor Tourism, Hospitality and Events
University Utara(Northern) Malaysia/Taylors’ University

The latest issue of SOST was the best. The young student Kehkashan’s story was impressive and very inspirational.
Shobha Bhatia
Dubai, UAE

Thanks for SOST. The topics are timely and very interesting.
Antonio Carlos via LinkedIn