In the Spotlight – Lao National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality, Laos



peter_lanithLao National Institute of Tourism & Hospitality (Lanith) is the operational result of Project LAO/020, established in 2008 by Luxembourg Development with the Lao Government, to strengthen Laos’ tourism and hospitality sector’s human capital through education and vocational skills training elements. In this interview, Peter Semone, Chief Technical Adviser takes us through Lanith’s journey thus far, and its future plans.


What was the motivation to set up Lanith? What is its mission and vision?

Luxembourg Development recognized tourism’s value to the Lao economy, and launched Project LAO/020 with the Lao Government. It first commissioned detailed research into the country’s tourism employment and education situation.

Based on the findings, the project formed a strategy that included both educational and vocational training components.

The project’s vision is to advance service quality in Laos with a mission to establish a sustainable tourism and hospitality “Centre of Excellence” – Lanith – to educate, train, innovate, communicate, and unite the industry.

What is Lanith core sustainability philosophy? What sustainable business practices do you follow?

Lanith’s core sustainability philosophy is to explore and employ innovative avenues, such as establishing social enterprises and partnerships with private-sector businesses as well as educational institutes, tourism organizations and related associations.

Lanith currently operates a five-star restaurant, four-room boutique hotel, and a function room in Luang Prabang, with all revenue earmarked for Lanith’s ongoing development._90A7246

Vientiane and Luang Prabang hospitality businesses provide Lanith’s Diploma students with internships, and pay fees to enrol their staff in Lanith’s Passport to Success skills training programme.

Passport to Success and Lanith Diploma fees guarantee their sustainable future, as does Lanith’s qualified staff and extensive partnership network, which provides equipment, scholarships, internships, accreditation and training.

What programs do you offer and how do you ensure that students learn about sustainability and responsible tourism?

Lanith offers two Ministry of Education accredited programmes: the Passport to Success skills training programme targeting Laos’ hospitality workforce, and the Lanith Diploma education programme aimed at Lao students seeking managerial careers in the travel trade.

The Passport to Success skills training programme offers two-to-four-days language learning modules in Vientiane and Luang Prabang. Most classes cover food production and service and rely on hands-on training and modern facilities.