Mangrove Lodge, Zanzibar


GREEN SHOWCASE SOST 9 PIC 1The Mangrove Lodge was built in Chuini, the village where Haji Ramadhan Ali, the owner and managing director, was born 40 years ago. It is situated 15 km north of Zanzibar Town on the Mawimbini beach.
Haji and Marina

Haji and Marina

Marina Avanzi, co-owner, says that the Mangrove Lodge’s goal is to enable guests to travel responsibly, enjoying and learning about the natural, historical and cultural characteristics of Zanzibar, whilst preserving the integrity of traditions and the environment of Zanzibar, and increasingly stimulating the economic development and well-being of the local community.

The Mangrove Lodge features in our Green Showcase, as it embodies the values and core principles of sustainability.

SOST spoke with Marina Avanzi at ESTC 2013, to understand the lodge’s sustainability philosophy, practices and initiatives. This is what she said:

First of all we have a great respect for the nature; we live in something like a jungle. We didn’t cut a lot of trees during the construction phase. We used only local people, local material and resources. We have a lot of plantation and we try to grow vegetables in our own garden. We have our own well, so we don’t use the water of the local people. Now we have local staff, and we are trying to help the community.

We have developed strong relationships with the local community. For example, we work together with doctors, the chief of the village, the important people of the village with great respect and try to help in whatever way we can. Most recently, we helped finance and build a dispensary in the village as it lacked a primary health facility.