News – 14th Issue


Sri Lankan Village Nugu Gama carbon neutral

Nugu Gama, located within the grounds of the Cinnamon Grand Hotel in Colombo, becomes Asia’s first CarbonNeutral venue.

Nugu Gama (The Banyan village) takes pride of place in the hotel’s commitment to environmental best business practice.

The Cinnamon Grand supports the continuance of authentic traditions by employing more than 35 craftsmen and artists from villages around the country to make traditional handicrafts for sale to guests. Sri Lankan culture can also be experienced through enjoying local cuisine and entertainment provided at Nugu Gama. To achieve the CarbonNeutral certification carbon emissions from Nuga Gama’s operations were systematically calculated by The Carbon Consulting Company in accordance with stringent guidelines set by the hotel’s partner The CarbonNeutral Company. Greenhouse gas emissions were then completely offset against carbon credits that amounted to the venue’s carbon emissions being quantified as ‘Net Zero’ or zero emissions.

Cinnamon Grand has initiated its own E-waste Awareness and Recycling program
aimed at staff. Digital TV guides have replaced paper guides and paper usage is monitored in all hotel departments with the aim of reducing paper wastage each quarter. Other recyclable materials such as plastic bottles, glass, paper and plastic are sold to an external recycling source with funds raised donated to charities.

To conserve energy usage, timers have been installed on lighting systems, and sensor-operated light systems are used in the basement and ground floor corridors. And to reduce wastage, wastewater from restaurants and the cafeteria is reused in fishponds, cooking oil from kitchens is reused in boilers in place of furnace oil and newspapers are only delivered on request.

The hotel encourages staff to attend ongoing monthly green forums led by scientists and experts in environmental conservation and the hotel itself has its own Green Team dedicated to raise awareness of green strategies. Regular seminars and campaigns are held for suppliers with the intent to provide further education on sustainability initiatives.

The Cinnamon Grand prides itself on its principles of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Its goal is to reduce its carbon footprint through its Green Agenda that focuses on waste management, energy and water management, conservation and community awareness. It does this through various green initiatives that support sustainable lifestyles and decision making which will minimize the hotel’s impact on the environment.